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Xx.RaDiO-AcTiVe SuIcIdAl-DrEaM.xX [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
十字からの氏 :: Mr.Ken :: 死への病人

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End Of Journal [Jul. 1st, 2008|10:29 am]
十字からの氏 :: Mr.Ken :: 死への病人
[Current Location |Work]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |-------------------]

Well, It seems that i really dont write in this journal at all anymore. Life has change for me and so you must move on. Im tired of all the dily-chaly of every days life so im closing on the drama. Old Friends Lost friends... Good bye to you all. Yes i do sound dramatic But lol come on not even one of my LJ SUPPOST TO BE FRIENDS talk to me at all. Choosing sides or WTV i really dont give a flying Fuck.

Later on il creat a new journal and who ever gets the invitation as friends well lucky them if they wan it take it if not go with it.

Im not gonna destroy my happiness for anyone anymore. Ken is good for this this this this and that but for anything else hes just someone plasterd on the screen.

I dough anyone will answer to this post as usual so take care guys.


P.S. I tough you where my friends... Thanks for the backstab.
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If i get a Girlfriend [Jun. 23rd, 2008|08:13 am]
十字からの氏 :: Mr.Ken :: 死への病人
I will defenetly get her this Get Your Girlfriend WiiFit!!
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=D HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME [Jun. 22nd, 2008|11:25 am]
十字からの氏 :: Mr.Ken :: 死への病人
Today is another day and another year ive past =D IM ALIVE and im good thats WHAT MATTERS ^^,

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Hardest moment of my life. [Jun. 17th, 2008|12:09 am]
十字からの氏 :: Mr.Ken :: 死への病人
Tomorrow i will pick up my stuff that Jen had from me. Its possibly the hardest moment in my life. Its been 3 years of hard work and 3 years of happynes. I cant complain I loved every moment of it. I still wanted things to be different. My heart Feels Hurt and Different My feelings are just mess up right now. I wonder if in the other side things are the same way.

I dont wanna delete you from my life. I dont wanna.

But i need to take a break and let my heart heal.

I hope things go well.... I dont know what will happen but i just wish her the best and i wish my self the same.

Im no villan and no hero.

This is to hard to handle.

If anyone knows how is like can someone advice me on this one.

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Eventually [Jun. 11th, 2008|12:25 am]
十字からの氏 :: Mr.Ken :: 死への病人
We are all just deleted, Not a fight, not a drop. Devotion is a nasty word for those whom in this world proclaim it. Reasons why we shouldnt say things once that we are gonna do. Then We end up not doing them.

Its as clear a pure water.

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Bought a Book =D. [Jun. 5th, 2008|05:01 pm]
十字からの氏 :: Mr.Ken :: 死への病人
[Current Location |My ROOM]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Dir En Gery - Ain't Afraid to Die]

So my friend Shannon told me about this amazing book of illustrations & saw it on borders and GOT IT =D.

Its the journals of dan eldon ... He was a rueters photographer and
stoned to death in1993 by a mob reacting to UN bombimgs. He was only 21.

His work is beautiful dark and disturbing.

Here is the cover.

I love it its great. Here are some pics.

Great work and i think its just AMAZING =).

Its my free day DOING LUNDRY and just staying home, tomorrow i have to get something at a friends house and then i have no idea what to do lol.

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BLAST OF KAWAII =D [Jun. 3rd, 2008|03:13 am]
十字からの氏 :: Mr.Ken :: 死への病人
OK i almost got a tumor on my left nut thanks to this 2 videos LOL..... i laugh so hard i tough i was gonna PEE my self LMAO.... OK i have to share it with the world.

Jean "kuro" you rock LMAO he showd me this.

Egg Song"

Carrot Song"

enjoy.... LOL =D


P.S. Good day just work all wayd then cam home and chat thats all.
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Vincent Price =). [May. 31st, 2008|08:57 pm]
十字からの氏 :: Mr.Ken :: 死への病人
[Current Location |My Roon =)]
[mood |artisticartistic]
[music |Shellyz Raven -- Heavenly Inferno]

Im inlove with this video its really old and i remember watching it LONG LONG AGO. Well i just wanted to share it with you guys. I think Tim Burton has a great Concept and Idea of what is true darkness, I guess maybe my words to you mean nothing but to me its my opinion and i love it.

This is, 1982' Vincent by Tim Burton:


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Power of the CUBE [May. 30th, 2008|02:16 am]
十字からの氏 :: Mr.Ken :: 死への病人
[mood |artisticartistic]

Even if i had a horrible week =D i manage to find some time to develop this O.S. I finally got it to work like i wanted it and it works wonders, This video i uploaded on youtube ** has no sound... and in the end it dmgs... *** it was not me the video got uploaded wrong so forget about the mini lag or the glitching. ***

Runs smooth. and never freezes.

Ken's CUBE powerd on linux.

Hope you guys enjoy.


P.S. I need new friends for my LJ anyone just come in and say hi =D.
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Ken The Professional [May. 4th, 2008|10:36 am]
十字からの氏 :: Mr.Ken :: 死への病人
[Current Location |@ Home]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Wumpscut -- Christ Fuck]

Last night i read Tegan's post about a movie called Leon The Professional... OMFG what a great movie. You must all be thinking O.O wow ken took you long enough to see that movie, well i did watch it long ago i think when it came out but i dint remember the movie or anything just the last scene when things go BANG.

The thing is that i love the movie and I'm gonna share it with you guys its 2 parts just watch it when ever you guys want =). Today i think i have to go in early at work to help with some shit.... Oh well I'm use to it by now, no life lol just work. Hopefully in a few days I'll go see IRON MAN =)with Jen.

I want a black acoustic guitar and a new electric one A warlock...

Rant: My leg hurts like hell.... and i want to play WII lol....
Happy: That the movie kick ass I love you MATILDA lmao...

Movie: Here you go guys.

1st Part:

2nd part:


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